Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lead by donkeys, informed by sheep

I just watched the Andrew Marr show, with his guest the PM.

About as sorry an example of the state of governance and the media as I could imagine. A load of waffle that told me nothing. But what did surprise was another clear (after the Newsnight/Milliband exchange) example where two sets of major persons claimed totally different things... and I remain clueless as to the truth.

Here's something that this viewer DOES want to know and the country maybe want to understand (I don't pretend to speak for it, as I wish many others equally unable to know would not).

Please advise when all the 'facts' that Andrew and the Prime Minister have shared today with the viewing public have been clarified. They cannot both be right, so one or other must be very, very wrong and/or misinformed.

And, if so, how and why.

Otherwise there ceases to be any point to such interviews.


Mine did not for some reason find favour. Here are a few which did.

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