Monday, January 07, 2008

To serve and protect?

One comment that has cause to make me pause is that by being all online and all, I am promoting lots of emissions on the energy consequences of all the IT involved.

Being a website and a blog it would be tricky not to run most of what I have, but here's a possible mitigation to share:


The source that sent this to me is usually very good, but there is something about the use of English in the intro that has me cautious, above and beyond any invitation to cut and paste stuff in and around computers.

So I have done nothing yet, and written to Google direct to check.

I'd suggest that you wait with me until I get a reply and update this post.

I want this to be true, and it looks good, but sadly this is a nasty old world and people will use green for just about any odd notion of self-advancement there is.

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