Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is Ol' Golden losing it?

That's the question posed by The Spectator in an article that suggests that our PM is incapable of undertaking the task he has been handed.

"His behaviour is erratic and bizarre; he phones colleagues at all hours with imperious demands while dithering over every decision he has to take."

"He tries to big-foot every minister and meddle in every department for all the world as if he has an uncontrollable tic; he is the Touretter of public administration. Yet the more he meddles, the more everything falls to pieces underneath him."


Some of the comments posted are quite amusing ..... this from Jan Maciag had me smiling.

"the country’s leadership now consists of people whose sole skill is the ability to talk. They have had absolutely no experience of running anything as complex as a whelk store before they are catapulted from some dubious think tank into ‘running’ huge government ministries"

Now who can argue with that?

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Peter said...

While has no political agenda, this blog obviously can, should and does dip its toe in such murky waters.

Politics matters, a lot, especially when it comes to deciding our futures. And as the environment is pretty tied to this, so the thinking and actions of our leaderships becomes more than fair game.

That said, I would prefer this blog even to be as apolitical as possible, which I take to suggest being equally cynical about all of them. But when it's good we should say so, and when it's bad... we need to weigh in. You can't get out of downward spirals by doing nothing and hoping things will get better.

I just wish to avoid any partisan right/left, red/blue/green artillery exchanges as one sees in such as the Gaurdain CiF or an equally opposing, equally perjoratively accused 'ist, inger, zi' publication (and our Mel in The Spectator kinda qualifies) from another direction.

I for one have no clue if any of the alternatives could/will be any/much better, but it would sure be hard to do much worse... or get away with more in being so useless, or venal, or ...[you name it]. All with no responsibility or accountability, much less any tangible, practical, effcient or (cost-)effective attempts at rectification. And complicit in this I have to cast a dispairing eye at too many so-called independent, thoretically objective media, especially our national broadcaster.

I have heard nothing of substance from our Leader in an age, despite all that is falling around his.. and our heads.

In fact the only advice I have had that mentions him recently was today in a PR where he congratulates some 'green champions' in suitably vague and wooly terms as to render the PR unworthy of mention, much as I am keen to support postive initiatives, especially by kids.

I'm afraid 'PM says climate is important and pats some kids on head for doing 'something' that his Civil Servants liked' is not going to make the cut.

I need tangibles. And, like the rest of his running this train into the ravine ahead, his answer seems to be just to hire more and more folk to reinterpret what the red flag might actually mean, or try to sideline any who suggest a more immediate course of action may be required.

On balance, my answer to the question would be no. He has long lost it already. But as he is still my 'leader', and has pretty much put in place all that would also claim to lead, that does not make me feel very good at all about our chances.

But at least we have our health, eh? (Well, despite bazillions poured in, there is MRSA,...)