Sunday, February 10, 2008

Voyages of discovery

Amazing what leads to what.

I was scoping one of my many sources of stuff, and came across this from SHARKRIDE: A retail experience with negative externalities minimized and reflected in the labeling and pricing.

Now I can't say the headline did a lot for me, or indeed the cause of bringing the e-word to the near-indifferent masses, but it was worth persevering.

And I did pop in a plug, as it seems there may be guys, like Bob, who 'know people'.

I have to say I rather stumbled on the, er, ‘negative ex-thingies’. But a nice share, ta.

For any, like Bob, interested in mitigating efforts via design, may I point you at, which tries to matchmake those with ideas for second uses with those keen not to throw stuff away if not necessary.

But I have to agree that the more potent notion is building this in from the off. If any are in the UK in March there is a show at the NEC called Innovative Packaging, with a sub-section called EcoPack, at which I am exhibiting (a bottle/jar cap re:evolutionary design called RE:tie) and also speaking on the joys of re:use!

However there was, in the words of Yoda, 'one more'. And that was the little gizmo called Snapshot, which looks a well nifty effort to, as the name suggests, give folk a thumbnail of your site.

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