Monday, February 11, 2008

You gotta larf

Sorry, but this just appealed to my sense of irony.

On the page devoted to a piece on climate science (well, the apparent supression of a scientist in the field - Climate scientist they could not silence), I could not help but note what rather dominated the rest of the page. Not quite the same on the online version.

There's the medium. There's the message. There's mixed. And there's just, plain 'off'.

The media really does just love it all ways.

Just in case they don't 'moderate' it in:

Meanwhile, in the print edition, the majority of the page with this piece seems to be dominated for a Tesco ad for cheap petrol - 'Every litre helps'.

Not quite clear as to what, in the circumstances.

Delicious irony?'

Bet they're in with a chance at the Sunday Times "Best Green Companies" slot, mind.

1 comment:

Dave said...

And its not as if Hansen's message is not important. It was he who really kicked off the entire awareness of climate change.

Oh well, Tesco probably has a lot more political clout anyway!