Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A campaign to get behind (and then close)

I very much doubt I was the first to think of it. Or highlight it. But I was... am at least ahead of the Guardian: Open door policy

Anyway, as they have more readers (for now), I'll just say it's a good idea for a campaign. And one that is less ban and more save. So it's hard to see a downside.

Guardian - Shut that door!

Telegraph - NEW - Close the door and save energy - Another door opens?


Dave said...

But it doesn't matter who originally suggested it, in terms of savings it is obviously waaaayyy more effective than the highly publicised plastic bag hype that seems to have grabbed the meejah and our Gov's attention.

As you say, it's a no brainer in that it's more save and less ban stick. Let's watch this space and see what happens, perhaps it will take off when the DM picks it up and runs with it.

Peter said...

Speaking of effective, I am now watching BBC Breakfast, who have decided that the plastic bags issue needs reviving as it kind of died as soon as the DM lost interest.

What REALLY got me was that, on top of plugging the notion that celebs buying designer reuseables at 'only ' £5 a pop is the best 'awareness' way to solve things, we hit a slight glitch, which Auntie has solved by its clever, accurate use of words.

Hence the reporter standing in Oxford Street is bang on when he says that retailers are responding to 'solve' the 'ecological' problem with... paper bags. No choking a turtle there. However, as to the 'environmental' impact of this switch...