Sunday, February 15, 2009


This acronym (for 'Don't do as I do; do as I say') has lurked around on this blog* for a while.

Time to pull the threads together. Until I do, let's start here:

Times - Atticus - Defra

Times - Atticus - HMG/Plastic Bags

BBC - Tony the climate tiger: Roaring success?

Indy - 'Jet-setting' government clocked up 300 million air miles last year - 'Well, y'know, like, it's not really practical for THEM not to fly'.

Indy - Ministers keep their gas-guzzling cars despite CO2 targets - Again, there is a need for common sense. The leader of our country out-running a terrorist in an armoured Prius? However, as to the rest...

Guardian - Public servants clocked up 306m air miles last year, Conservatives say - Of course, the key is not the total, but what was/is avoidable.

BBC - BBC staff Olympic details missing - 'The BBC fears the files have been stolen, possibly for identity theft or an attempt to embarrass the BBC over the number of staff going to the Games'. Now, who would think such a thing? They seem immune to most things. I am sure they a sharing the same A380 over, too.

Telegraph - HMRC is accused of double standards over staff expenses - It's not strictly (well, at all) enviro. I don't care.

Times - NEW - Hotshot greens caught wasting home heat - Let he who waves the first finger....

*Might be worth also cross-indexing with 'Quangos Jolly Good Fellows' (see link in baseline)

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Dave said...

Yep, DEFRA seem pretty good as blowing money on flights all over the place - there's more on this in the earlier post about DEFRA.