Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CATEGORY - The Two E's

I think this deserves its own category now.

For those who have seen it before, this refers to discussions or debates where the needs of the Environment might end up at odds with Economic drivers (I have often called this the two 'Ecos' before, but actually environment and ecology are distinct and, sadly if ironically, can also compete).

Greenbuzz - Taking Care of Business

Guardian - It's the economists, stupid - I'd have to say that, while opinions are fine, if I were not an economist, I'd tread a wee bit cautiously, especially on an open blog, telling those who are their business.

Indy - The eco-crunch: Can Britain still afford to go green? - And in case you wonder who is an eco-expert, they are in here, too. Apparently.

The Guardian - The green squeeze - Do read the comments.... they're free.

Times - Trade minister Lord Jones hits out at green tax on flights

Guardian - Will the Green New Deal deliver? - There are an awful lot of folk on an awful lot of pedestals telling those below what's good for 'em these days. Glad to be spending more time on doing stuff to help most of my day. Might help when the revolution comes.

The Register - The FDRs of Green explain the gentle art of planet saving

Real Climate - A worthwhile read: Bridging the divides

Guardian - Free trade breakdown

The Register - What's the cost of global warming?

Gaurdian - Green routes to growth

BBC - Climate law 'could cost billions' - Of course, it 'might' not.

Guardian - NEW - The green revolution postponed

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