Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I think until now I'd stuck this under Utilities. It's bigger than washing your car of a Sunday. So here's a dedicated category.

To kick off:


Nature - Water special

Indy - Forget carbon: you should be checking your water footprint

Indy - The big turn off: Could you drink, bathe and clean using just 20 litres a day? - usual stuff, but with some interesting stats

Guardian - What's in your tap water? - When it comes to a fairly fundamental aspect of what keeps me & mine ticking, I don't really feel a healthy interest (or, if you prefer, 'worrying') constitutes an unreasonable notion, and certainly a worthy, if not more necessary action , rather than diversion versus the latest chatterati cause-mongering. But it is true that I do find myself 'worrying' a lot, and more often than not it is down to the media. So rack up another rating point. Now, where the heck do I find out what is in my Ross-on-Wye Springs via the blue tap? That's the trouble with just turning something on and leaving it open. There can be a lot wasted as a consequence.

Gaurdian - Forecast: dry, becoming drier -

Nature - Hydrology: India running on empty - Groundwater in northwestern India is being depleted at an unsustainable rate, which could lead to severe water shortages and reduced agricultural productivity. The reduction in groundwater cannot be attributed to natural climate variability, but is probably caused by excessive consumption from irrigation and other human uses. Satellite-based estimates of groundwater depletion in India -

I have accepted that 'we' are not helping nature (as in Mother, and trying to do what I can to help/mitigate), and nature is certainly not helping the climate. However, I think this highlights why we need to look across all aspects 'man's' endeavours before hanging all our hopes on 'solving' climate change with certain high-profile, low enviROI quick fixes. Especially to the exclusion (though climate does play a major role) of other pretty hefty aspects, water being high on the list.

BBC - India's unsustainable lesson -


I think this deserves it's own slot, too. I do have a few references already, coinciding with our meter installation, but this will serve for other archiving.

Telegraph - NEW - Hang on Boris: who would be penalised by compulsory water meters? - Not the best of starts, mind.


DirectGov - Saving water in the garden


freewateruk.co.uk -

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