Friday, March 14, 2008

A few thank you's

The ECOPACK '08 show at which exhibited and I was a speaker ended yesterday afternoon.

I intend to do a re:view, but frankly I am still struggling to get my head around where to start and on what since getting back in the wee small hours of last night.

I am just grabbing a breather between catching up on the 1000 emails in my in box in just 3 days (not a single spam, but mostly newsletters and press releases, and hence postponable, if not ignorable, but still requiring a lot of sifting for actual gold). Plus all the follow-up from the show, plus getting the stand out the car and stowed neatly for the next.

Oh, and a bunch of stuff on

I really don't know where to start. But RE:tie must take priority, as this looks like our best shot at income, and if we can get a stream then we can look at getting in a few more bodies to help run this show, which is in danger of drowning in its own success by failing to serve the needs of all those who are interested in being a part, as either a user or business.

So before dashing back to all the priorities above and beyond this blog, I need to make a few thank-you's.

To Peter, a vastly expereinced F&B/FMCG marketing and sales guru who is keen to help me make RE:tie and realise their commercial potential, and who came to help me man the stand on both days even though he is is still just trying to understand the business enough to see if he can add value as our commercial front man. I truly hope that your belief will be more than rewarded. If the comments we had during the last two days are anything to go on, I trust you feel it will be.

To Frank and his team at BCU, who delivered the protoptypes (pictured - including a large demo version) in the nick of time, and without which we'd have been struggling to get the concept of the RE:tie across to the passing audiences. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, being able to take a cap off a bottle, peel a RE:tie off a cap, and then tie-up a bin-liner with it was about as clear a demo of the concept as one could have hoped.

And then there's all the nice folk who couldn't come to the show but wished us well, and especially those who did come to the stand and my seminar talks, and said such nice things about what we're trying to do and... more importantly... encouraged us that we look set to succeed in doing well with our site and the invention we're trying to market, that is the first real commercial embodiment of the philosophy of reuse in packaging, and preferably designed-in!

Oh, and Dave of Solarventi, who has kept this blog, and hence the front page, ticking over while I have been AWOL. And, as it transpires, may well be for a while yet as I look into the in-tray!

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