Saturday, March 15, 2008

Heavens Above

While it's good that all sectors of society are seeing that there is value in advocating changing our ways 'for the better' (though definitions may vary), some may not be going about it in the best way.


Kudos to Mr. Newell.
With the calibre of 'leader' and 'guide' we the people now have, from Church to state to media, I rather despair that we will see anything worth a damn by way of meaningful word or sensible, let alone consistent deed when it comes to the small matter of 'the biggest single issue the human race faces'.
At least if there is the slightest chance of a decent distraction, vote or rating to be had diving off on something trivial at the expense of the real issues.
Heck, next thing we'll find is some pol without a single green bone in his body is up for 'climate czar'...

BBC - Blair wants 'climate revolution'

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