Friday, March 07, 2008

IDEA - Jacob's Twiglet's game

A timely reminder to me to get my act together and add more ideas to the main site.

I am grateful to Junkketeer Valerie of Wyenet, our super ISP provider (happy to reccomend and link to them... see how easy this 'share the idea, share the love' can be?), who just handed this to me.

It's frankly more an 'A' for effort on the part of maker Jacob's, but I am simply encouraged that they are thinking not only in reuse terms, but also helping customers with the process by suggesting ideas.

It's true that many items, such as this, are hard to really get too inspired by, but you never know who may coem up with what that is simply awesomely neat... which is all part of the fun.

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