Monday, March 10, 2008

No.. really?

Travellers ignore pleas to curb air travel amid growing stampede for long-haul mini-breaks

It's worth mentioning to remind 'us' that 'we' are pretty selective about what major enviro-issues will get 'us' excited, but I had to laugh at this po-faced first sentence:

'Holidaymakers are ignoring environmentalists' calls to limit their air travel and are taking more "indulgent" long-haul mini-breaks than ever before.'

Closely followed by this:

'Despite recommendations that they holiday closer to home...'

I'd have to say a lot of folk, from 'evironmentalists' (whoever they may be) to the media (when they choose to be green for a few column inches) are a little up 'emselves if this is the best they can do.

The critiques just comes across as plain silly and petty. And that is going to persuade no one.

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