Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On Budget Day....

.... the genius that is Matt of The Telegraph yet again manages to say it all in a simple cartoon!

It will probably be irrelevant in the chancellor's overall scheme of things but I include a link to an article from back in January that highlights the parlous state of the British Beer industry.

Those of you that do enjoy a pint or two, and even, perhaps, those that don't, probably don't realise that pubs are closing at the rate of 55+ per month; and no, not the big town centre outlets associated with weekend drunk and disorderly behaviour, but the local village pubs, that are often the only local centre of the community, are the ones that are disappearing. And you certainly won't be aware that "Beer sales for pubs are now at their lowest since the Great Depression of the 1930s." and that "In the UK, beer is already the most expensive form of alcohol that money can buy."

"Unlike wine, brewing is a homegrown industry, employing 20,000 people with an annual turnover of £19 billion. Britain’s pubs employ 600,000 people. Current tax policy is encouraging the move to stronger, and often foreign produced, drinks such as wine - and from pubs to supermarkets."

As it would seem that our Gov's intention is to close down all village pubs, my guess is that the chancellor will take not a blind bit of notice.

Post budget: Another 4p a pint!! That will be 6p by the time it reaches the handpulls. And on top of the brewery rises last month, for most averaging 10p per pint. Our chancellor has probably just ordered the boarding up of another 1000+ village pubs!
Cheers! (Extremely sarcastically!)

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