Tuesday, March 25, 2008

QUOTE OF THE DAY - Mouths of Babes

Just watching the tail end of a few hours of BBC Breakfast News, and one thread throughout has been a segment on escalating kids' party expenses.

I had to laugh that they were at one West London yummie-mummy, luvvie event (the Beeb's only source of what is happening in the UK, it seems) that was 'tackling this issue'... with a 'kids party coordinator'. Save £5 a head on the party bag, but blow the saving on someone who will charge to advise you on how to be a parent? Hmmn.

Anyway, all morning the wee moppets have been shown making Arts & Crafts quietly and diligently, which impressed me no end.

Then things kind of went the shape of a pear.

Having served up this picture of back-to-basics idyll, the reporter made the boo-boo of setting us up for some propaganda.

'So, Fifi Moonshine, which do you now prefer.... making all this lovely stuff or being driven around in a big, nasty stretch limo?'.

Cue cute , shy little smile... 'The limo!"

'Not the answer I was looking for,' our rueful reporter suggests.

Quite. But an interesting insight into what we are fed. Guys, I am all for helping shape a return to a more 'eco-in all its forms' way of life, but not when served up by a rich set of hypsters like our national broadcaster and their speed-dial rent a mob of compliant 'average' folk from Fulham. Thank heavens for that lovely kid. At least she was honest.

Now the big thing is to figure out a way to persuade kids like her that there is something as fun as a limo ride. And then share that.

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