Tuesday, March 04, 2008

So is the congestion charge working?

Not according to this research from Direct Line, reported in Money Extra.

Research "reveals that 1.2 million (16%) motorists who intend buying a car over the course of the next year will purchase either a people carrier or 4X4 'Chelsea tractor'. In fact, motorists are four times more likely to buy a less fuel efficient vehicle than the more environmentally friendly hybrid or 'eco' cars this year."

"The research also reveals that despite the London congestion charge, 27% of Londoners are planning on buying a car in the next year, compared to just 20% of those living in the Midlands and 21% of Northerners."

Looks to me like the congestion charge makes absolutely zero difference to the purchasing habits of the Islingtonistas. But then again, banning plastic carrier bags is far more important for the future of the environment, isn't it?

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Peter said...

It's a shame, as this is just one of scores of chickens coming home to rather high-profile roosts.

It's bad enough when these things are divisive at best, but when they don't seem to work either, one has to wonder at the mindset of those in charge of all these planet-saving (in theory) 'initiatives'.

If there is a small micron of hope, it is that the cause of positive persuasion, backed by reward/incentive, may be a sweetener to what is the only effective pill I can see in all this.

And that is governments getting the wit and balls together to prioritise what really needs addressing, and then put in place hard legislation backed by proper enforcement (and I don't mean fines) to see these things get done.

As that is not going to ever happen, I guess we just get irritating, ineffective, jobsworth-creating, smoke and mirrors tinkering like this.

There are too many people, and now too many trying to govern them from little fiefdoms to make any difference saev to esnure they get to exist now and though to the conclusion of their time on Earth.

'Will the last productive worker on the planet please turn the handle quicker, as the lights in the Minsitry are flickering!'