Monday, March 24, 2008


No, not a piece on the WEEE Directive.

Actually, it's about pots... plant pots.

I just watched a BBC News piece about the things, and it stuck a chord. Especially as I have hundreds in the garden cluttering things up.

Apparently there are 500 million made, and chucked away to landfill, a year.

So moves are afoot to recycle them.

Well, by a few isolated, and I bet uncoordinated by officialdom, places.

The piece mentioned garden centres Wyevale, and also recyclers Linpac. I have emailed the former for more details, and the latter don't have an email on their website, oddly.

And having been told to check your local area before heading off (wisely), I now head to the dire BBC website to see if they actually make it easy to DO what they SAY. It is a major beef of mine that they broadcast such stuff but often make it difficult to find out any more to act on their brief green pieces' advocacy.



LOL - it looks like we have the same big beef and have blogged about it at the same time. What's really bugged me is that there is no info on the Wyevale site, that' just so annoying.

Peter said...

Yes, it seems odd, if not tokenistic, for so many media to tell you about new eco-initiatives without at least then telling you how to engage, preferably in the spot (if broadcast) but then via a site link.

How many, like us, will have headed off to find out more?

ps: Nice blog! You are now on my blogs 'Green blogs' category... with link:)

If you think it worth it, why not pop yourslef on our diRE:ctory too? It's free.

Send me an email on info[at - darn spambots] and I'll pop you over an invite.


Cheers Peter. I know what you mean. There are so many people who want to do their damned best at recycling and it is almost impossible to find stuff out. Don't get me started on product labelling....on that note I always need to vent out an aaaaaaaaarrrrrghhh! Thanks for the link and the invitation to the diRE:ctory. Will send you an email and put your link up too.