Tuesday, August 04, 2009

CATEGORY - Funding

Already a lot on blog in this area. Time to pull it together.


Guardian - Activists slam changes to green grants - Isn't a BERR an irritating thing that sticks to you to spread everywhere? The enviROI of the investment into the department vs. the benefit out would seem... less than optimal.

ps: sub-editors: I don't really feel that I am an activist, nor to I 'slam'. I am a concerned consumer and informed advocate of sensible enviro-practices. Stop waving silly, stirring sentences about!

BBC - Anger over climate change loans - Bit O/T, but I had nowhere else to stick it. Makes you wonder about the value of some paper things get printed on these days.


The 2008 CIP Eco-Innovation Call has been published - your chance to apply for funding for your eco-innovative pilot and market replication projects this year.

government-grants.co.uk - NEW - plus twitter


innocentive - have an invention? They may have the money. RE:tie ho!
raisecapital.com - but still, caution all round! Lock down your IP.
Resource Efficiency

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