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One thing is for sure, you won't see much opinion from me on this one!

Yes, I am a wuss.


Newsnight - How do we feed the world in the future?

Indy - Are there just too many people in the world?

There are a few, very few, with the courage to write about the topic of population. Even fewer in positions of leadership amongst them, much less prepared to consider how to address the issue.

If, as seems evident, our global numbers are expanding, as there is a fixed, finite area to accommodate and support us all, and the consequences of our existing, there has to be an end point.

And it's worth noting to all the vegetarian advocates who often crop up in such discussions that their... very worthy... case simply buys more time, even if we ignore the design fault that made most of us omnivores.

And speaking of Mother Nature, she might be argued to have erred in other aspects of her creation. Our newly found ethical overrides, on top of technology, pretty much ensure most checks and balances she put in place to maintain an ideal level of our race are negated.

Mind you, with SARS or 'global warming' maybe she has indeed already have ready all she needs ready to get things back under control. And, brutally, one view being suggested is that such as a multi-year drought (however caused 'globally') might be her way of trying to do as she intended, but gets rather countered by keeping vast populations barely alive in camps where there is little to do that what else comes naturally by artificial drip-fed means isn't that sustainable. Of course, like many caring Western celebs and commentators, this notion appalls me, and hence no alternatives can really be easily discussed for fear of the inevitable reactions to even raising the point. So, having slammed the lack of international statespersonship, I certainly would not envy anyone who tried to should the burden of Global Triage.

However, voluntary birth control certainly seems a heck of a good start. Just... bear in mind, it still only buys time.

Times - The population explosion on Europe’s doorstep - I am reassured that 'we' are going to 'peak' at 9.5 (not 10 in round figures?) Billion, but don't fancy the notion on how this is arrived at, literally or figuratively

Times - Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population by Matthew Connelly - A book review

Newsnight -

Amazing level of intellectual heft and experience brought to bear on this important subject. Well, from Mr. Porritt at least. So one of four non-blondes wasn't bad.

As I pour chocolate sauce over a profiterole, I am struck by the finite area of the globe as the brown stuff covers it.

Not that we are likely to get to full coverage, even with technology stacking us up as it sends our waste below (not too sure on where the feeding bits go...oh well).... I do believe the planet (which will persist well after we have gone) already is demonstrating corrective systems of its own.

Guardian - No kidding, BMJ - Points being made, and missed, in spades

Indy - No coercion in family planning - missed the original, sadly

Science Daily - courtesy of Dave from Solarventi - Population Policy Needed In Order To Combat Climate Change, Experts Argue - Sheesh, we Westerners certainly have an impact.

Indy Letters - More people than the planet can hold

Telegraph - Save the planet by cutting down on meat? That's just a load of bull - Pull out pin, lob... and duck

Indy - Some hints for saving the world - Or... just get the extremes agitated again

Times - Cassandra: stay childless and save the environment - My mute observations continue.

Times - EU and Green envy at China-style restrictions on family size

Times - Two children should be limit, says green guru - 416 comments. 'Nuff said.. well, obviously not.

BBC - Is it selfish to have more than two children?

Guardian - Cutting consumption is more important than limiting population

Guardian - NEW - Lack of water still kills

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Not seen philosopher John Gray's term for mankind before - "Homo Rapiens". Very apt.

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