Saturday, November 01, 2008


They are coming, so best make sure we are on top of making them as enviROI+ as possible:


BBC - NEW - The great carbon bazaar - Well, well, well...

Sadly, (necessary) stories like this tar possibly worthwhile and potentially useful enviROI+ projects with a very broad, long lasting brush. Frankly it seems waaaay too late to ask or expect any target-centric government or profit-centric trading entity to clean up their acts. The trust has gone. And with each imposition of such flawed systems by their very comfortable rewarded champions, the public looks like getting ever more resentful.

Indy - Concentrate the mind with carbon credits

As acknowledged: 'minus a handling fee, one assumes' '... also require substantial bureaucracy and would almost certainly be open to fraud and manipulation'. The current crop in charge do not inspire much faith that any planetary positive result will be derived whilst many job creation schemes and self-serving tax-grabs will be first in line.

Gaurdian - Carbon-credit schemes fall 30% short of projections, report claims - In a world of energy effciency, not the best % figure to note

Gaurdian - Personal carbon trading is not as simple as swiping an Oyster card - I note one Polly Toynbee, intellect-extraordinaire, is mentioned. Not in a good way.

Indy - UK’s carbon credits registry goes online

Times - NEW - The fool’s gold of carbon trading

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