Wednesday, May 21, 2008

LOL x 2

Together chiefs hit back at us

Good one...

...campaign director of Together, has to say (sent to Greenbang by a press officer).

And two...

With so much noise around going ‘green’ nowadays, Together seeks to provide consumers with a trusted reference for what they can do to tackle climate change.

And... for heavens' sake, why do all these vastly over-funded (and hence staffed, and resourced - Campaign Director, plus press officer?) and overlapping gov/industry/quango things come across so gosh-darn po-faced? I know it's their careers and a box-tick under CSR and all come the AGM, but get real. There are scores of these things.

Does the normal consumer notice? Or care? Hey, it's their dough so blow it any way they feel like, but that's the second outing for a short list of stuff I heard when I was at school with IK Brunel. Next they'll have a full-blown campaign on 'bath with a friend'.

Is this really the best use of money, especially if (and I am not sure if it is) public funds are getting blown (what's a Campaign Director run to these days?) on yet more awareness at the expense of actually supporting DOING initiatives.

With all the tangible reduction/mitigation ideas out there ready to be supported, THIS is the kind of me-too initiative that most value is seen in?

No wonder this country has blown £60B on quangos and all the real innovators are upping sticks. The lunatics have hired accountants to pay consultants to review the state of the asylum so lessons can be learned, with a view to putting place a new layer of assessment to hand back whatever is left to the few poor sods there are out there actually making a few beans to count... and then tax.

Rant over. Carry on.


Dave said...

Interesting to note Together's list of signed up 'partners'.

Mayor of London
Barclaycard (Breathe card)
EST (Energy Savings Trust)

All big businesses, institutions or quangos with bags of cash to spend promoting their virtuous green natures.

Peter said...

I should know, but I wonder what 'signed up' actually involves.

As stated, I have no real (save enviROI+) problem with any entity of independent means supporting anything that may push the cuase ahead, even a tad.

But I see in your list at least three that, if money is involved (which it must be to some extent) get their dough from the public.

Now, maybe they will argue they are also supporting other, compet.. er.. complementray efforts, but my main point, and frustration, is the overlap and hence duplications and wastes involved.

And for me at least, the 'but it's all in the name of green' defence is wearing thin.

Perhaps more worryingly, I don't sense the consuming public even register all this at all. I'd be fascinated to find out what sources of 'greenn/enviro' info most in this country would be able to come up with... and despite bazillions in funding and in mnay case extensive logistical empires. is still getting there, and I really need to get back to our core, unique contribution, re:use, but just look at the major successes of such FreeCycle to see how it can all work without 'Campaign Directors', oodles of meetings and huge comms budgets.