Sunday, May 25, 2008


Rose’s catty jibe at Kate

'Rose was invited to take part in a talk on “corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability”...

After the speech, Rose jumped into a helicopter, which whisked him to the airport, where he was due to fly out to clubbers’ paradise Ibiza for the bank holiday.'

Not just hypocrisy... M&S hyspocrisy.

Interesting that this is considered 'on message'.


Dave said...


Quality post Peter. Fabulous bit of sarcasm using M&S's own strapline.

Peter said...

What was odd was i thought they were leading to the same conclusion in the piece... but didn't seem to see the disconnect!

And I cannot figure out the Times and Telegraph systems.

I do get posts up, but not always.

To much to think it is deliberate, but it isn't hal often when I critique/show up their correspondents.

I popped up a very positive effort on the Telegraph a few days ago that pointed out where the future could/should be on cooridinated national recycling, while she was whittering on about plastic bags.

To date... nada. At least it alwasy goes up here.

ps: Ta for the comps. That starpline is rather made for boomeranging. He can do what he likes as far as I am concerned, but as one who has been set up as and/or enjoys the 'status' of a green spokesperson, I find such message/messenger disconnects truly irritating.

Last year Hay was all about with 'eco', and the great and good were rushing out to buy Priuses to do the motrway trip up the M4 to show their green cred.

Thsi year he couldn't even dig out his hyrodogen Beemer (plus following tanker) to at least 'look' like he was walking the talk. Sad.