Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NEWS/GO3 PR - Gardens to go

From a few things I'd seen and heard, I had some doubt son the recent Flower Show being as green as made out. This is much more like it:

Flower Show giveaway proves a hit

PR as received, E&EO

A new attraction at this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show has crowds flocking - but it's not a conventional exhibit.

The Show's garden leftovers are being offered to community groups and charities who can re-use them, proving that one person's discarded flower-pot can be another's treasure.

The re-use yard, run by the Charities Advisory Trust, opened its door the other day to find new homes for flower show materials which are not otherwise recycled.

Exhibitors dismantling their sites have been depositing materials with the yard, based at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show site, since the end of the Show on Saturday. For the next eight days, groups will visit the yard by prior arrangement to collect materials including flower-pots, wood and stones.

Charities Advisory Trust Director Hilary Blume identified the possibilities for the yard when she saw the opportunities for surplus materials which could be put to use by community groups.

'The Trust knew these materials could be re-used, so we came up with a simple solution which provides groups like city farms, schools community projects with gardening materials. And it's also convenient for exhibitors dismantling their sites.'

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