Saturday, May 31, 2008

Silly Question

Newsnight - Energy Policy

16. At 11:58 am on 29 May 2008, bookhimdano :energy policy

There's the rub. Who knows? And why do the majority of the population (inc. me) not?

The German example you share seems inspirational, proactive, positive and profitable.

Yet, apparently... 'the uk govt refuse to have a two way grid as they do not believe there is any evidence it would work'.

Now belief is all well and subjective. Surely to heavens it is not beyond the wit of media to help us get to find out what the actual facts and/or truth is? Then the people can lobby for what is good for pocket... and planet.

I would dearly love some clear information and discussion on this (and others), and not a 'tis/t'isn't twofer with extremes from the dogmatic activist or box-ticker/lobbyist/subsidy junkie end of a debate.

And even if we do get actual engineers and/or number crunchers, if they still have opposing viewpoints might we hope for a host with experience and training enough to actually get to definitive answers we can act/vote on than a 'that's all we have time for' ratings segment that gets filed and forgotten in days?

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