Friday, May 23, 2008

Stingers on the forecourt

This from is symptomatic of the craziness that is resulting from what the ever increasing cost of fuel is doing to the world.

The number of non-paying drive aways on petrol forecourts has increased to the point that service stations are now fitting automated stingers to shred the tyres of any car that attempts to drive off without paying!

What next? Maybe armed guards with machine guns?

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Peter said...

Sounds like "Klingons on the starbaord bow"

I'm actually intrigued about the legality of this.

I hope they are very certain of their case before pushing the switch.

It's going up, but we are talking about the 'theft' of £50.

What is more torubling is the seer number of untaxed or insured vehicles still allowed to operate on the streets. These are the ones that can drive away without consequence.

Talk about a misuse of resources.