Wednesday, June 18, 2008

At a loss for... anything really

For the second time today, I have noted a strange absence of activity where I would have expected... hoped for more.

One was a self-serving piece of tosh from Tony Blair, upon which I decided to make a brief comment if only to highlight that all it warranted was a brief comment (OK, none would have been more eloquent, but I don't believe I was going to be the only one, and so in true Prisoner's Dilemma fashion broke ranks first - at least the consequences of that action will not be as serious as other compromises (that have been) made).

Now there is this: Ten green bloggers

But so far (10.48am, mind-morning)... nothing. Maybe there is nothing to say. I must say I am a bit stumped and so have opted, for now, to write nothing (well, excepting this). But this a big issue, with some big names... in the biggest online UK green media-friendly blog.

It says 'The next stage of the campaign is spreading the word. The blogosphere is already buzzing with the story'. O....k.

Thing is, I guess by sharing I have done a bit, but I am not sure what it is, and without going back or re-reading am not too sure what that might be anyway. Oh... this might help:


Is that the best ways forward? Hmmmn. I noted it more because of how it hadn't been noted. Anyway, it seems worthy enough (though I will need to assess what is being asked. I might sign up for the newsletter, and hope this will not be counted as offering support... yet... for anything that I might not be so keen on, by simply showing an interest). Anyway... enjoy.

I'll pop a note in to come back subsequently to check and see. Maybe it's a slow burner.

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