Monday, June 30, 2008

Battery recycling coming to the UK

Well, the collection of used batteries is - the actual recycling will be undertaken in Le Havre, France.

Odd that we don't seem to have the means or intentions to recycle them on our side of the channel. I wonder if they are going to ship back over the outputs which "can then be used in smelting works, cement factories and also as road building materials"?

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Peter said...

I knew we didn't, but thought there were a few places we now could... if that makes any sense!

I wonder where the likes of G+P, who were recently mentioned in a big WRAP thing (but had a fire as well that may have set them back) send theirs to?

As they have gone to some lengths to explain they are not going to great lengths in transport I guess it could be worse, and at least a truck lugging batteries makes more sense than 98% fresh air.

However, it all does seem a palaver.

Would it not make more sense to have well positioned, coordinated (competition is fine to increase efficiency and reduce costs, but these days most schemes just seem to fight it out to see who can waste more on duplication) national/regional centres the length of the country for delivery and/or processing to opitimse the enviROI of collection and re-export of recyclate?

Dave said...

'well positioned', 'co-ordinated', 'optimise the enviROI of collection'.

Peter, sorry to be a little sarcastic here, but when has any recycling scheme in the UK ever been thus?