Tuesday, June 24, 2008

EVENT - Bristol Design Festival/Eco-Design Show


: From the now 'til at least July 6, if not a bit longer, like the 18th (tbc - now confirmed!)
WHAT: Bristol Design Festival - Eco Design Show
WHAT... MORE?: The Bristol Design Festival is an annual celebration of creativity, design and innovation in Bristol and the South West. Presented by a group of volunteers who believe passionately about design and the city of Bristol. They believe it is about time Bristol and the South West got the recognition it deserves as a region of design excellence and a hub of creativity. The Eco-design show is pretty much a 'does what it says on the tin' 'off-broadway' event around this. And offers a nice RE-use complement to the predominantly RE-cycle theme of the venue.
URL: http://www.bristoldesignfestival.com/

As part of this, Junkk.com is proud to have been invited to have a presence at the 'Eco-design' show.

This runs from now to Friday 18 July, 9-18.00. Best to call first. 0117 925 0505

It is located at The CREATE Centre, Smeaton Road, Bristol BS1, 6XN

As you'll see, ours more of a small demo stand, but there are bits and bobs, and some other nifty stuff. Frankly, not worth a city to city jaunt for the show alone, but as the pictures will show, the centre itself is in a heck of a nice setting, easy to access and has (I know, tsk) good parking. Well worth a call if you are a Bristol resident to see you tax dollars and LA-greenophilia at work.


Bristol Based Web Agency said...

Looked good! Too bad we missed it...

Peter said...

If you mean my glorious 4 minutes of lame... you didn't miss much. It will be posted online next week.

As to the show, it is onging in various forms in various places for a while longer.

Certainly worth it if you can.