Saturday, June 07, 2008

Look, but don't touch

The lifestyle media, especially many of the 'green' (well those that think they are, and/or speak for the rest of 'us' in this area) ones, face a dilemma.

They also tend to do quite well telling readers about exotic things and places. And that usually means going there. Trouble is, it also rather encourages those who have read about it to want to go, too.

But I am not sure the guilt-tripping anti-trip attempts at sorting this out are working out very well.

To coldly go

I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I totally agree with the rational concerns, but then, in this more populated, often more affluent world, with proposed solutions one runs into what is ideal, and what is.

Because, whatever happens there will immediately need to be an exclusion for BBC climate analysts and others to scoot up there at the calving of an iceberg to do a piece to camera in front of some white stuff to highlight the damage 'we' are doing scooting places on business (less important business than reporting, one presumes) or pleasure. Then there are pop stars, pols, etc, plus attendant media caravans, on 'awareness' missions. Oh, and prize winners of climate competitions, plus attendant hangers-on, on 'study/awareness' raising (I am planning to re-designate my bucket and spade 10 days with the kids somewhere sunny (and not a £500 a day ecoYurt in sight) as a 'fact-finding tour').

I fear it is too late now to avoid all this coming across as 'don't you lot dare do what we say... but still expect to do', as too many green messengers have devalued the message by their rather elitist attitudes... and actions.

And, sorry to say this, this publication separating the writings of editorial from the actions of media sales in squeezing the last £ from air tours to eco destinations halfway around the world has been pretty complicit throughout.

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