Friday, June 20, 2008

The new Mercedes Smart 'ForTwo' ...

... model looks set to be arriving in the UK in 2009.

Although it only has a lowly 45bhp common rail diesel engine, it will be another vehicle joining the C.C.D.C. (Congestion Charge Dodging Club) as it only emits 88g/km of CO2 per kilometre. But probably the best thing about it is that it manages a staggering 85mpg fuel economy!

Full story and more detail from Autocar.


Peter said...

Go on, rub it in.

Have started looking for a replacement for my now defunct Golf. Sadly, fixing it simply does not make any financial sense; at £3k plus minimum to restore a petrol engine to an 11 year old car body. Hence, despite being otherwise perfectly viable, it is going on eBay as either a shell for marriage with an engine by an enthusiast, or as a source of spares.

A new car is not an option, frankly for financial reasons, but with a hint of carbon back of mind.

So we are looking at various options. One is simply doing without. The missus needs one daily to get to and from work, and I only need one as and when. That said, I had to drive her in yesterday amd will need to pick her up tomorrow as she's off on business with the firm. However Monday I will drop her off en route to Bristol to set up my stand at the design festival. Maybe planning in advance will work out.

But we are also now looking at the next. I have already viewed a 2000 Lupo diesel with a claimed 70mpg. However, the conflicting options mean a debate rages. I am also tempted by a Golf Tdi. The theory here is that eventually when the Volvo fails or can no longer be sustained the Golf becomes the main load carrier, and if necessary we get something like a Lupo or by then any eco/thrifty option on LPG, H2, hybrid... if 2nd hand and/or affordable.

The Lupo is fine to get one, or indeed four around, even jogging down the motorway, but will not carry my stand, sadly.

Not easy!

Dave said...

Why not try and see if you can pick up an engine at a scrapyard and fit that into the golf? Should be an awful lot less then £3K.

Check out as a start point - it searches loads of breakers yard for you.

Dave said...

Oh, is pretty good too.

Peter said...

Cool. Tx.

I'll check 'em out (and add to the repair category).

The big issue is time. I can't afford a skilled set of hands at the hours we're talking, and I am unsure I'd want to drive anything I had spannered together over series of wet weekends.

Already we're fighting over who get to keep vs. drop off!