Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Auntie giveth, and Auntie taketh away

No one could excuse the BBC of being anything less than an enthusiastic proponent of matters green.

However, in its zeal I do wish it reporters could attempt to get their heads around certain realities so things can be put in proper context.

Today business reporter Declan Curry is at a Motor Show, which has a green section. So far, so interesting.

However, I have had to write in now twice:

H2...oh? - I am a big fan of the potential of hydrogen as an automotive fuel, and fully accept that it is mainly water that comes out the exhaust pipe (which is good at point of release) but is it true to say a car using it is 'zero emission'? I think it may have some consequence as the car and fuel still needs to be made.

Declan: 'Green cars... ...Without the environmental cost' Without... or reduced? They are different.

Telegraph - British International Motor Show: Green gloss masks red shift for car industry

I think I am on a loser here. They are, pssobly, 'better', but I guess the definition is now too firmly entrenched to save us from a marekting onslaught that ignores the actual enviROI:

21/07/2008: “2p A Mile” Car Ready To Roll Off Production Line

A zero-emission electric car that does the equivalent of 250 miles to the gallon is set for a summer launch.

EU Referedum - NEW - Green illiteracy

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