Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now there's a surprise!

What's that, you may ask? The chancellor's pronouncement today that the forthcoming 2p/litre increase in fuel duty is going to be postponed. Full story from the Telegraph.

"Postponing the planned increase in fuel duty is consistent with the Government's commitment to support the Bank of England in maintaining low inflation."

Hmmmm! So its all about controlling inflation? You're kidding, right? Note the key word, 'postponing'. Not canceling, abandoning, withdrawing, but simply postponing; perhaps until things quieten down a little so they can re-introduce it when all our minds are on other things?

Or am I being overtly cynical again?

1 comment:

Peter said...

Two words: Glasgow East.

Though how they imagine not imposing a 2p tax hike will help much lord alone knows. I doubt it will hinder the need/desire to travel.

I was watching Chllr. Darling's po-faced announcement and could only imagine his nose growing.

But, at least No. 10 is well on the case of that most critical of issues: tipping.