Tuesday, July 08, 2008

REPAIR - The trouble is you'll soon fancy another

I pass this one on as it's certainly worth a try.

My lovely Singapore auntie has passed on a cutting that links to a Yahoo group that I can't access or figure out, so you'll just have to take my version.

Basically if you drop anything electronic - mobile, iPod, Blackberry - in water it's pretty much a goner.

However... there is a last ditch solution: rice.

If it isn't already, switch it off and get it in sealed container of rise asap.

24 hrs later you may find you're back to being good to go.

I am guessing that a container of silica gel will work even better, but you can't eat it afterwards, whereas, depending on where you dropped the thing (loo or a puddle probably not a good idea you might want to risk it.

I figure salt water is pretty much a killer any which way.

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