Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sticks and stones

I'm sure I'll stumble across more detailed pieces later today, but the BBC just had a piece on renewables.

Seems an MEP is accusing the government of 'watering down the wording of an EU directive' to move from 'compulsory' to 'optional'.

To which a spokesperson has replied that they are 'committed to meeting targets'.

It just seems so sad to me that in this, or at least the reporting of it, there seems no mention of the actual value, and hence wisdom of such measures, at least on an enviROI basis, as if this no longer matters.

Wording and targets are all that do, apparently.

Addenda (there will be more, I'm sure):

Gaurdian - Britain tries to block green energy laws - The culprit, at least from this piece, looks like a belief in nuclear. Hmn.

On a related issue...

Gaurdian - Don't be fooled by the climate change bill. Carbon trading torpedoes it - the posts are worth it.

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