Sunday, August 10, 2008

But, it's art!

I remember cranking an eyebrow at this when it first went up.

Not so much for the materials, but the energy required to lift water up and drop it down.

Now it seems there may be another reason to think one's eco-ware artform through a tad better before making one's point (plus laods of PR & wonga):

NYC Waterfall Installations Might be Killing Trees


I remember when these first went up wondering what was the energy source used to elevate large volumes of water artificially up to drop down.

I asked a similar question of an 'eco-wareness' installation in some Nordic capital that involved lighting all the buildings up in colours to reflect 'moods' as I recall.

Apparently, as it was night, demand was low. So that's OK then.

There's a certain irony that falling water is often used to generate energy.

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