Monday, September 22, 2008

Cold Comfort

Loopholes in £1bn insulation plan mean millions struggling with ‘fuel poverty’ will lose out

Aren't loopholes what dodgy folk use to get out of Government obligations; not the other way round?

Despite my wife's best efforts, thanks to and RE:tie's investment/return plot I think we might have qualified, except..

For example, any home with more than 60mm of loft insulation will not qualify for the scheme The recommended standard is 270mm. - er, tick

Nor will most homes built before the 1930s, which are unsuitable for cavity-wall insulation. - tick, again.

Two strikes and we're already out.

“It’s a classic piece of government spin — it sounds great, but it is actually a completely unworkable plan,”

However, looks like we're not the only ones with not as much as we could have upstairs.

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