Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Green Halo

It's a new term I am playing with for things that seem to be fine in a 'why not?' way, but seem to have also been accorded a clunky bit of green in the process to , er, 'help'.

And this is a terrible example by being actually the exact reverse.

Driving instructors get green light from DSA to teach students 'eco-safety'

It's a bit of green with a clunky bit of 'why not?' attached.

Thing is, I am not sure it is serving the message of either too well by being so clunky.

I can get my head around driving safely, and being taught how to be even more so. I can also sort of get an eco-version, though much is plain common sense, but a few I have read about (Not here) might save a bit of gas but are certainly not helping safety at all.

But all in all, if I ever hear 'Eco-safety' like this, I'll ru... drive a mile... fast.

Good job I am not being asked to do another test... yet.

Times - Eco-safe driving: more lessons, more money - All becomes clear. And gives sensible green advocacy and even steeper slope to surmount... in 3rd, of course.

Newsnight - Post 3.

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