Monday, September 01, 2008

More Geo-engineering Ideas

The latest in a long line of suggested methods of geo-engineering the earth to limit warming involves throwing large sprays of salt water into the air to encourage cloud formation as reported today in the Yorkshire Post.

There is also a summary of other geo-engineering concepts in the Indy today too.

Some ideas seem rather off the wall, but it is all very interesting stuff.

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Peter said...

Dave.. ta for 'flying the flag' while I have been away.

One thing I did do was catch up on a bit of reading and it was interesting how these 'solutions' cropped up in a few of the books I will be reviewing.

Actually I was more interested to equate real life efforts like this with some of the fictions that also eased my day under the beach umbrella.

Population cropped up a lot, with a few alluding to Hugo Drax/Moonraker-esque plots to engage in a wee cull (the heroes, natch, saved the day, if not quite adressing how they might also save the future presented by more folk needing more resources and producing more waste as a consequence).

However I do rather think we might need to turn our attentions on a more coordiinated, intergovernmental level to those who might choose to 'save' us by some of these rather extreme, untested, and possibly even worse methods.