Friday, September 19, 2008

Numbers games

I debated a wee while before plumping for this blog to post upon.

It's nothing to do with enviro issues (well, a tad), but does go to reaching audiences.

Americans get the internet, and are British bloggers' best market

I just found the numbers interesting.

Not just the ones quoted (which is how they attract, and get paid by advertisers), but just a few observations of my own in complement.

I blog prodigioulsy here, but I also often get moved to comment elsewhere.

It just seemed intriguing to me that the author got/gets 65k weekly visitors, yet only 7 commented here for instance. Meanwhile over at the Guardian blog I posted a few days back on the Clean Technology 100, so far... zippy. OK, maybe my crass punt was a put off, but no one else reading felt like lobbing in a wee hello too?

All these folk lurking, with so little to say.

I just have to figure out how to seduce them over here... and then how to make a crust having doen so.

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