Thursday, October 09, 2008

AWARD - Shell Springboard 2008

: Friday Nov 7
WHAT: Shell Springboard 2008
WHAT... MORE?: A programme that provides a financial boost to innovative, low carbon business ideas from across the UK. The idea behind the programme is that the business response to climate change should not be all about compliance and cost. There is a huge business opportunity if society is to move from a carbon-constrained world.

The criteria for those businesses which apply are very simple. Applications will be considered if the product or service will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emmissions, is commercially viable and is innovative.
COMMENTS: Been going a while. We keep entering, too. Like Robert the Bruce's spider... one day! And yes, we do know that they are an oil company. Thing is, we don't go around telling folk what not to do all the time... so whatever gets the dosh to DO good... we'll live with them trying to PR it.

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