Sunday, October 19, 2008

Careful what you wish for

An article which got me on board, at least initially...

Miliband's blueprint for greener homes

And that was despite stumbling over this early on...

'The drive has the full backing of the Prime Minister, who has decided that promoting energy saving should be...'

However, I knew I was in a differnt place when I got here:

10 ways to a more energy-efficient house

Eco hat - sounds good. No link. Google is my friend.

Ground source (or geothermal) heat pump - would prefer more info on this

Air source heat pump - ditto

Hydro turbine - I am a fan, but planning is a zoo

Energy meter - well yes, but while a Wattson is very cute, it is not the only one and about as expsnive vs. others as you can find. London rules showing though?

Triple-glazed window - ROI & enviROI?

Biomass burning boiler - I am tempted, if only to get Mr. Putin off my back.

Underfloor heating - new build? Or dig up my stone floor?

Solar-powered charger - just assess hwo long the panel will last. Most are cheap and don't.

Wind turbine - er.... this option is really under challenge on both ROI and enviROI.

and what you should be doing already

Using energy-efficient lightbulbs - OK

Turning down your thermostat by at least 1C - OK

Switching to a green energy supplier - er....

Making sure your home – including potentially wasteful areas such as the loft space – is well insulated - OK

Turning off appliances such as computers and televisions when they not in use, rather than leaving them on standby - depending on...

Using energy-efficient washing machines and fridge-freezers - er...

Getting a free Home Energy check by logging on to - if it helps, go for it

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