Sunday, October 12, 2008

Go figure

It's a list. In a paper. Of the top 100 enviromentalists.

The IoS Green List: Britain's top 100 environmentalists

If they (who?) say so. Fills a page or two, I guess.

I wonder what the criteria were? Volume? Being in (or luvv'd) in London? Applying mine of achieving better enviROI does come up with a rather different result.

I know more, doing more, within 20 miles of here.

ps: No 99. I think it's a water butt? But, then again, maybe not.


But just when you thought the trendy luvvie media had lost the green plot...

20 great green designs

Some are great. So I am just glad this is not claiming the best. Give 'em time, mind.

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