Sunday, October 26, 2008

More telling me what I should think

Perhaps more for El Burro Hotay, but I did not like the way this was heading...

Sarah Palin: her clothes, her shoes and her odd attitude to facts

Every Sunday I pop over to get a summary of issues on matters environmental from the major papers.

And what do I get? Quelle surprise. A rambling diatribe about an aspiring VP in a foreign election, replete with trivia and gossip.

But hey ho, I guess there is some possible relevance to be found...

'...her denial of man-made global warming was in marked contrast to John McCain's acceptance of it...'

FWIW, I thought she had expressed a view along the lines that she was not yet convinced that mankind was totally responsible for negative climate change.

A freedom of thought, and acceptance of others' right to have such a view, that some might find refreshingly less dogmatic than others who are not dependent on votes to be in a position to promote what some in certain positions are convinced is the only 'correct' view.

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