Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rising to the challenge

To good to miss, really...

The great green swindle

A genuine question, but how well vetted for 'wash' are the ads that appear on this page, if not the entire Guardian site?

Great to set a bar, and a high one, but it would be best to ensure that it doesn't get knocked off by the judges. And allow critics further opportunities to chip away at 'green' advocacy.

Not greenwash, per se, and not a great example as their claims are, one presumes, verifiable, but even as I glance at the top of the page I have to crank an eyebrow that "You don't have to leave my car at home to save fuel" by fitting a Michelin tyre. They might be indeed, but I'd be hard pressed to use less on a journey with them than not taking one at all.

Equally not overt greenwash, but glancing to the side bar on a piece about corporate attitudes to eco-marketing, I am not sure that selling a paper by carrying an ad that suggests one might win a skiing holiday to Banff sends out the most coherent, or best message.

Anyway, good luck to them with their mission. Along with others I am sure, I'll be watching. Maybe even contributing, too.

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