Monday, November 24, 2008


On the main site we are starting to see more and more ideas spun from waste product data.

Many are simple, some are not. All are great, because if just one bit of stuff ends up being reused that's one bit less in the bin and hence landfill.

A Junkketeer has just uploaded this very simple but nonetheless sensible suggestion*:

Liquid soap container

However, I am using this opportunity to create this new category, to see if a piece of waste product data with no idea.... at least yet, can be pondered for other applications by the collective imaginations out there.

In this case I am thinking the siphon pump component.

Think about it. You have a device that moves 1-2" with relatively little effort, and moves a small amount of fluid around. What could this device be introduced into, even in multiples, to 'make something useful rather than throwing them out?

You never know, it may be good enough that we end up arranging collections in towns around the country just for these pumps so an enterprising soul can make them into a whizzo device.

*Note to self: must make clearer/remind posters that there is a wealth of extra info that can be added under the Advanced Details, with "colour' unfortunately set to default to Black at present.

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