Wednesday, November 05, 2008

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A lot that ends up here can be viewed in light of the fact that I am using Blogger above the site to reply.

Sadly it is steam, driven and glitch-prone. But the core works OK.

One day all will be revamped. And what gets added here seamlessly integrated so as the info updated here goes in, so does the relevant section the site get updated too.


From Junkketeer Shedfirkler (a name with origins well worth investigating - it's OK, it's clean)

Q: "Either the keyword search only looks in very specific fields or it is generally useless! For example, I tried to find my own submitted idea (so I could direct a friend to it on the site), but none of the descriptive or main text words produced the result. Tends to bring up articles rather than ideas."

A (if more a reason than excuse, with no solution in sight for now): Not sure if it is useless. Just... next to it. What to say? It was installed when the site was built, and though many years have passed and advances have been made, we neither have the skills to improve it ourselves nor the money to pay someone who does. Sorry! One day it, and many other things that could be better, will be addressed.

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