Saturday, December 06, 2008

Built-in obsolescence - the irony years?

General Motors and Chrysler could save the industry with unreliable cars

My Volvo is ten years old and so long as I don't wrap it round a tree and keep up the regular maintenance see no reason for it not to do ten more.

The leather seats have coped with all twins (reason for buying) could throw at them, and aside from a few dings the bodywork has no sign (yet) of the first bubbles of rust that heralded the end of my previous cars.

The only issue is the mpg. So I'm looking at an LPG conversion.

So I'd like to thank the car industry for at last making them to last, though I am sorry how it seems to be working out for them now.

Here's hoping there is not a business lesson being learned (and not in a good way) that may come back to haunt the consumer... and planet... in time to come.

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Dave said...

Peter, your old Volvo should never succumb to rust as they nearly all have aluminium body shells. In most cases, such as our beloved old volvo we finally parted company with 4 or 5 years ago, the engine, and parts of the under structure (suspension, engine mounts etc. - all made of steel) gives out before body shell decay ever sets in.