Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Plain foot in it?

Top anti-aviation activist secretly FLIES to airport protest in New York

A bit like the bowl of petunias in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, when this protest first broke, I thought: 'Oh no, here we go again'.

Frankly I think they achieve little more than giving the media a reason to get excited, those not involved breath a sigh of relief to have dodged a bullet, and those who very much are involved to err on being a tad miffed.

I was a little concerned when I heard this latest wheeze explained away by a senior activist (do they have 'ranks' like the military?) on the basis that they'd done a petition, had another protest and so it had become necessary to 'escalate'. Hmn. I wonder if there are any salaries, or at least donation-uses, that require a rather shorter timescale than in the past to satisfy the internal demands more than anything else?

So we come back to my eternal point about the right messengers for the message.

Not sure this has advanced the cause, really. A bit like causing vast disruption to a finely tuned system, which doubtless mainly resulted in many more emissions.

Hope she got some nice gifts in NY. It would have been a shame if the flight had been cancelled for such a critical trip.

Guardian - NEW - Lily savaged - The mouths of babes? A new media darling emerges. I just worry a tad about the allusions to taking things further if 'they' don't get 'their' way.

BBC - NEW - A distant climate - for a buffet of irony

From a blog (unconfirmed), to the news that the group is financed by the Lush founder: 'Yet, there is a Lush store at terminal 3, heathrow'.

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