Thursday, December 11, 2008

Targets, box-ticking and enviROIs

Kyoto is worthless (and you don't have to be a sceptic to believe that now)

I'm not a 'sceptic' (optimist). But I am not a total pessimist either.

Perhaps that's the problem. I still lack the conviction to get to the level of extremes that may be necessary.

However, those who would try to persuade the likes of me are a sorry bunch, as this piece suggests.

At least the activists are mostly sincere, if often frightening and, crucially, off putting in their self-belief.

But it is the highly paid pols and hangers on that really take the biscuit, and undermine any serious efforts to address the issue.

Kyoto was a rallying call, yet I read this: The EU has managed to claim success while increasing emissions by 13 per cent

Doesn't help, really.

Then we had Bali, when half the world flew to the other side of the world. That seemed to achieve little more than many of us noting how many went and how little they achieved.

Now we have Poznan.

And, as always these days, we seem to have a total belief in process over and above result.

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