Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Know your [insert relevant noun here]

Prey? Enemy? Target? In most forms, not my favourite group.

Can the lobbyists be stopped?

And to know 'em, is to, well, know 'em.

Some interesting replies already. Mine:

A register. That'll do it.

Just like not requiring a DoB on a CV will prevent ageism-related employment practices.

Gotta love the notion that if it's on paper it can't be circumvented in a millisecond in other ways.

Guardian - Confusing politics with science - I was looking for a place to stick this. As the word is used, I guess here'll do. As well as noting the public interest possibly not being served by most 'sides' arguing over our futures. At least a few in the thread see that being 'right' doesn't mean diddly if the public doesn't get on board.

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